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Roger Dubuis Swiss Replica

Roger Dubuis Swiss Replica was created in 1992 to be a pure representation of classic watchmaking. Form and function go hand-in-hand with an emphasis placed on mechanical reliability and robustness. This collection proved this point with the '1000 hour control' test, which was unheard of at the time. Six weeks of testing - akin to the rigorous trials that Navy SEALs face. This is all done for a good cause: the level of diligence, which at the time was unheard of and is still important today, represents a true approach to quality control. This is also one of the reasons for Roger Dubuis Swiss Replica's outstanding reputation in real life.

The Master Control is a reliable mechanical system, but how about the other half? Over the past 28 years, there has been a constant classic aesthetic, both in proportion and design.Best Replica Watches This is influenced heavily by iconic lines like the Memovox and PowerMatic.

Roger Dubuis Swiss Replica's latest Master Control iterations do not deviate from the tried-and-true path. These watches are a shining example of the Master Control collection, with their silver sunray dials and fine features. They also have proportions which are timeless.

This new collection's star model is the Master Control Chronograph Calendar. It combines a full calendar with a clock, and a moon phase, thanks to the new Calibre 759. The new Calibre 759 is an automatic movement that has 65 hours of battery life. This is a classic combination that fits right in with the Master Control collection.

This model is available in steel and a new alloy of gold - Le Grand Rose Gold - which promises a remarkable sheen and lustre that will not oxidise and fade over the years. This model comes in both steel and Le Grand Rose Gold - a new gold alloy that, with the addition of palladium promises an amazing sheen and shine over time.

The Master Control Calendar, Date and Geographic models have also been updated. The Master Control case design has also been updated with a new slimmer, outwardly-sloped bezel and richly-curved lugs, as well as a mix of satin-brushed and polished details. Calendar and Date models measure 40mm in diameter (Breitling replica watches), with Date measuring just 8.78mm high and Calendar being slightly thicker, at 10.95mm.