Slovenia & Croatia
travelocity travel made easy Slovenia & Croatia
travelocity travel made easy Slovenia & Croatia
travelocity travel made easy Slovenia & Croatia
travelocity travel made easy Slovenia & Croatia
travelocity travel made easy Slovenia & Croatia


Lovingly dubbed the Sunny Side of the Alps, Slovenia and Croatia are a fantastic destination to visit. Their geography and rich history have blessed both countries with a multitude of unique features which place them at the very top of Europe’s go-to destinations. Slovenia and Croatia, steeped in culture and tradition with towns and villages just as diverse as the nature that surrounds them, offer a wide range of location-specific sightseeing and culinary delights. Two countries yet one destination fitted in a small size, making travelling around very quick and very easy. Despite becoming increasingly popular tourist destinations, these nations never gets too overcrowded. Even during high season. Don’t be surprised to find yourself exploring the vibrant streets of their capitals one minute and walking down a countryside lane in utter solitude the next. So what are you waiting for? Your Slovenia and Croatia adventures are only a click away. See you soon.

Slovenia & Croatia

Culture, national parks, sea

10 days tour

Hotels 4*, 3*

Mediterranean food

24/7 tour leader EN, ES, DE, FR

Day 01 Arriving in LJUBLJANA/check in a hotel

Our tour leader will welcome you at the airport and assist you with the check in a hotel in the city of Ljubljana. In Ljubljana the old meets the new; and it seems that history has spent all of the settlement's five millennia preparing it to become the Slovenia's capital. It has managed to retain traces from all periods of its rich history; from the legacy of Roman Emona through to the Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau periods characterized in the house fronts and ornate doorways of the city center, the romantic bridges adorning the Ljubljanica river, the lopsided rooftops and a park reaching deep into the city center. Here, eastern and western cultures met and the Italian concept of art combined with the sculptural aesthetics of Central European cathedrals… The highlight of the day is the LJUBLJANA CASTLE, a mighty medieval fortress, a symbol of the Slovenian capital and one of most interesting tourist point, the idyllic grounds for long strolls just a glance away from the lively city center. Our city tour includes strolling through the old town, sightseeing the city landmarks as city hall, Preser square, triple bridge, the dragon bridge, St. Nicholas church, university of Ljubljana, art gallery, opera house... The night is free for you to enjoy local recipes for dinner. Overnight in Ljubljana.


Just after breakfast we head on for a magnificent day on the Bled Lake shores. In the past, there was not water at the location of Lake Bled, but a meadow valley with a small hill and a rock, where according to the local legend, mountain fairies danced at night. Shepherds grazed their sheep in the valley, which ate grass around the fairy rock. The Fairies asked the shepherds to put a fence around their dance area, so that the grass would remain soft. The shepherds did not consider their request and one day, the youngest and most beautiful Fairy broke her leg while dancing. The angry fairies called upon the springs and brooks to storm into the valley and fill it with water. Only the hill with the rock remained as an island in the middle of the lake, where fairies could dance in light starry nights. Although Fairies left these places a long time ago, a beautiful fairy lake and an island below the mountains were left behind. This is the story of Lake Bled which we are going to hear when visiting this amazing area. We will also sail on the lake to the charming Island and have the possibility to visit the small church on top of it (optional entry inside). Also, we will visit the Bled Castle, where the most interesting of all preserved buildings is the Gothic chapel in the upper courtyard, dedicated to Bishop St. Albuin and St Ingenuin. It was built in the 16th century; a baroque image was added to it at the end of the 17th century and was decorated with illusionist frescoes. Before leaving you will enjoy free time in this rare beauty of nature.



On this day, again, we admire the wonders of nature. Just after breakfast we depart to Postojna Cave, entering inside for a train ride for you to see the most precious brilliant in the form of a cave formation and also meet the baby dragons. Just like the world above the surface, Postojna Cave boasts towering mountains, murmuring rivers and vast subterranean halls. It is a real challenge for explorers and the cradle of speleo-biology. The exploration of this unique park continues with a visit to the Predpostojna Castle. A mere few kilometers from Postojna Cave, the Karst world offers an unforgettable experience in the fairytale world of knights. The impregnable medieval marvel has been perched in the middle of a 123-metre-high cliff for more than 800 years. Behind the largest cave castle in the world, there is a network of secret tunnels, from where the knight Erazem of Predjama would set out on his plundering expeditions. The Cave under Predjama Castle is the home of a colony of bats. In the afternoon we leave for relaxing days along sea shore in the charming city of Portoroz. In the evening, we enjoy dinner at the hotel.


Day 04  PORTOROZ  

The morning we wake up in the cradle of the Adriatic Sea to the diverse scenic paths by the fertile country hills. From the cosmopolitan promenades to the romantic streets enshrined in rich history, Istra region offers authentic tradition of local culture but as well the modern urban rhythms. We will discover all Portorož, starting from the lively promenade, discovering the history, architecture but as well the various cuisines and enjoyment to be had on this fun coastal resort. Portorož won over many hearts with its rich and echoing pulse of its nightlife. Perfect for a free afternoons and warm nights. Also, another attraction is just next to you to be discovered by foot on your free time. Piran, the city of loveliest atmosphere along the Adriatic Coast, built in Venetian Red, town with no traffic at all, you can reach after pleasant walk along the shore. The dinner once again will be enjoyed together at the hotel.


Day 05 PULA

Just another city of the top 10 attractions along the Adriatic Coast – the city of Pula. Pula, a city that has existed for three thousand years, is situated in the south of the Istrian peninsula with one of most beautiful beaches spread over nearly one hundred miles of indented coastline. We depart to Pula just after breakfast to hear whispers about a story of mythical Argonauts, Romans, Venetians, Franks and the time of the Austrian and Hungarian Empire. Our walking tour starts with the city’s Roman history and past. The earliest record of a permanent settlement in Pula dates back to the 10th century BC. We will visit the Amphitheater where gladiators fought. It was built in the 1st-century AD during the reign of Emperor Vespasian. The special blend of Roman, Byzantine and Venetian heritage with the spirit of Austro-Hungarian Empire and Croatian tradition will keep this ancient bilingual city in your heart forever. The afternoon is free in Pula for you to enjoy excellent restaurants and on the most beautiful stage in the world, in the Arena under the stars, during the summer, you can listen to some of the most famous names from the world of music. By late afternoon we transfer to the hotel just a bit outside of Pula to avoid crowded and loud night parties.



Free all day long for relaxing beach time…or ones not interested in tanning can enjoy Istria laid back of life, tasting local sea food and home-made wine…Overnight in Pula area.



Today we take short drive to the neighboring Rovinj – the most beloved town in Istria, a top sight in Croatia, and one of its most romantic spots. The sheer physical beauty of Rovinj is exhilarating. The pastel houses crammed onto a peninsula catch the sunlight during the day and shimmer with light at night. The Venetian bell tower of the St. Euphemia Cathedral extends like a punctuation point to the sky. We will enjoy just a short city tour so you can have as much as possible free time to explore and enjoy its beauty. In the afternoon, we go back to hotel in the area of Pula for more beach or relaxing time.



Leaving the Adriatic Sea shores, we depart towards the most admired National park on the Balkans. A bit long drive will be overturned by the beauty of the National Park PLITVICE. It lies on its sixteen lakes, inter-connected by a series of waterfalls, and set in deep woodland populated by deer, bears, wolves, boars and rare bird species. The National Park covers a total area of 300 square kilometers, whilst the lakes join together over a distance of eight kilometers. We will enjoy tour of the park along with stories for its formation and natural importance. There’s also quite an altitude difference – the highest point is at 1,280m, the lowest at 380m – although the total height difference between the lakes is only 135m. Once you are fully relaxed and your eyes are rested of the lush green you can enjoy lunch just outside the Lake Park but still so near the water. In the afternoon, we leave for Zagreb, the capital of Croatia for overnight.



Today we wake up in one of the newest European city destination – Zagreb. The capital of Croatia has so much more to offer than the three top Zagreb attractions; Zagreb Cathedral, Mirogoj Cemetery, and Saint Marks Church. For example, there is the Museum of Broken Relationships or Dolac Farmers Market which you can explore on your free time. Since walking is the best way to explore Zagreb, we will take you on a guided tour learning about a history that dates back to 1094… The city is full of historic landmarks, interesting sights, museums, hotels and restaurants which are among the most valuable in the country. We will discover staggering architectural and natural beauty, many of which can be enjoyed from outside. Zagreb is filled with museums and captivating architecture. You will get to enjoy every day cafe culture, lush greenery and a host of street festivals in your free afternoon. This night, we will enjoy joint farewell dinner in a local restaurant sharing impressions of this trip filled with natural and man-made beauty, and also we will cherish our new friendships.

Day 10 Departure

Check out and departure to the International Airport in Zagreb. If flight is PM hours, free time in AM in Zagreb.

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10 Days


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